Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How many prizes are there? 19 prizes overall. There are 17 weekly winners, 1 season winner, and 1 playoff winner.
  • What are the prizes? Each weekly winner gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card, the Season Winner gets a $500 Amazon Gift, and the Playoff Winner gets 2 tickets to the Big Game. Only weekly winners and season winners are eligible for the Playoff Round.
  • Can I win multiple prizes? Yes, entrants can win multiple weeks and still be eligible for season and playoff prizes. However, winning multiple weekly prizes does not grant additional entry into the playoff round, it simply excludes another competitor from joining the playoff round.
  • Who can play? Anyone who is 21+ years or older who is a resident of the United States of America is able to win the contest but anyone is allowed to participate in guessing the games.
  • What if I forget to pick some games? You are only credited with wins and losses on games you guess. Because weekly, season, and playoff winners are determined by the most number of games guessed correctly, it is in players' best interest to guess the winner of every game.
  • I can "Save" my picks but how do I submit them? Your picks will be automatically submitted once a game starts. There is no need to "Submit", simply save your picks and they will be entered automatically.
  • Can I pick games that happen in future weeks? You can only pick games for the current week. Once all of a week's games have been played and the score recorded, picks for the following week will be opened.
  • When is the deadline for picking games? You can make selections and change your selections up until each game's start time at which point your picks will be locked in.
  • What happens if the schedule changes? We'll provide app updates and schedule updates throughout the season. When an urgent update is required, we'll force you to update the application before making additional picks and selections, ensuring everyone is playing by the same rules.
  • Where can i find the offical rules? The offical rules can be found here.

User Account Questions

  • I forgot my username, can you resend it to me? You can retrieve your username by filling out your email the account is registered to. We will then email you a reminder of what your username is. You can find the form here.
  • I need my password reset. Can this be done automatically for me? You can have your password reset if you know your username and email associated with your acocunt. Please fill out the form here.
  • I can never remember the generated passwords… can I create my own password? You will first need to know the old password, but yes you can. Please fill out the form here.